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Two lecturers and eight students make an academic visit to Coventry University

05 April 2019

Two lecturers and eight students make an academic visit to Coventry University

Mariano Gacto, the director of the Degree in Physiotherapy of EUSES and of Physiotherapy Barcelona, and the coordinator and lecturer of the same degree, Sergi Garcia, led an academic visit to Coventry University (CU), in which three Degree in Physiotherapy students from the Salt Campus (Carla Baena, Julie Mazars and Miquel Osuna), three Physical Activity and Sport Sciences (CAFE) students from the same campus (Lluís Anglada, Jordi Carrera and Adrià Ontiveros) and two students of Physiotherapy Barcelona from the Bellvitge campus (Daniel Ayllón and Xavier Picañol), also took part. The students were able to enjoy active teaching experiences (they participated in both theoretical and practical classes) and received very useful feedback from the (excellent) works that Coventry University students showed them. The students also learned from and took advantage of a teaching immersion in another university system, and visited laboratories and high-level research facilities. The visit was also used to look at the possibility of establishing a steady and structured collaboration between the Degree in Sports Therapy of the CU and the Degree in Physiotherapy at EUSES Barcelona, while the possibility of CU students studying for an entire year in Barcelona, and vice versa, was also considered, in order to create a system of mobile study collaboration between the two Degrees. Collaboration could also involve teaching exchanges, given that Martyn Morris and other teachers from this staff would be interested in being able to impart a teaching seminar or module in Physiotherapy (basically relating to Physiology of Exercise or Sport Therapy), either individually or in direct collaboration with an EUSES lecturer. Progress was also made on the joint article (Martyn Morris and Mark Noon for CU, Sergi García and Mariano Gacto for EUSES), of which Sergi García has been the driving force. The aim is for this article to be published in the coming weeks in a high-impact scientific journal.  

14 October 2019

Comunicat dels rectors i les rectores de les universitats públiques catalanes

Som universitats públiques catalanes, institucions que compartim el ferm convenciment que cal defensar el dret a la llibertat d’expressió i a la...

12 September 2019

Empieza en el Campus de Bellvitge el curso académico 2019/20 de Physiotherapy

El Campus de Bellvitge ha dado hoy el pistoletazo de salida al curso académico 2019/20 para los estudiantes de 1º, 2º, 3º...

12 September 2019

Arrenca en el Campus de Bellvitge el curs acadèmic 2019/20 del grau en fisioteràpia internacional

El Campus de Bellvitge ha donat avui el tret de sortida al curs acadèmic 2019/20 per als estudiants de 1r, 2n, 3r...

08 July 2019

Celebrado en la Sala Paranimf el acto de graduación de la primera promoción del Grado en Fisioterapia Internacional UdG-UB

La primera promoción del Grado en Fisioterapia Internacional EUSES-UdG y ENTI-UB ha visto la luz este mediodía en la Sala Paranimf de...

05 July 2019

Celebrat a la Sala Paranimf l’acte de graduació de la primera promoció del Grau en Fisioteràpia Internacional UdG-UB

La primera promoció del Grau en Fisioteràpia Internacional EUSES-UdG i ENTI-UB ha vist la llum aquest migdia a la Sala Paranimf de...
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