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Mariano Gacto describes the profile of students on the Degree in International Physiotherapy

11 December 2018

Mariano Gacto describes the profile of students on the Degree in International Physiotherapy

The academic director of the Degree in International Physiotherapy, Mariano Gacto, talked to us about the profile of the students taking this degree: “We have students from all over the world. We have students of different nationalities, from various countries and socioeconomic backgrounds”.

In fact, our students currently represent 16 nationalities, from countries as varied as Ghana, Israel, Denmark and Iran. “Europe, Asia… I think this is one of the most outstanding features of the degree: this interculturality”, added Mariano Gacto. “The students work alongside other people with very diverse transcultural backgrounds, sharing their different points of view and learning from each other”.

The academic director of the degree would define students on the Degree in International Physiotherapy as “open-minded, intercultural and easy-going young people. Moreover, they also share a high level of academic excellence”.

The experience of studying alongside people of other nationalities is extremely enriching, especially if we bear in mind that our students benefit from the constant support of both the university and the student community.

You can watch Mariano Gacto’s testimonial in the following video.


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