EUSES, along with sixty students of the degree in physiotherapy of Salt, Bellvitge and Tortosa, takes part in the Zurich Marathon of Barcelona | EUSES - Campus de Bellvitge (Barcelona)

Campus de Bellvitge


Campus de Bellvitge

EUSES, along with sixty students of the degree in physiotherapy of Salt, Bellvitge and Tortosa, takes part in the Zurich Marathon of Barcelona

04 April 2019

EUSES, along with sixty students of the degree in physiotherapy of Salt, Bellvitge and Tortosa, takes part in the Zurich Marathon of Barcelona

The University School of Health and Sports took part in the latest edition of the Zurich Marathon of Barcelona, which this year has beaten all records, both for participation (17,465 runners) and also for times, with the best times in the male category (the Ethiopian with Bahraini nationality Alemu Bekele clocked 2 hours, 6 minutes and 4 seconds) and in the female category (final triumph for the Ethiopian Kuftu Thair with a time of 2 hours, 24 minutes and 44 seconds). The EUSES Physiotherapy lecturers Loli Cruz and Vinicius Rosa from the Bellvitge campus supervised fifty students of the Degree in Physiotherapy from the Salt, Tortosa and Bellvitge schools, who set themselves up in a large area prepared for the runners’ recovery. At the end of the race, the students performed muscle recovery techniques (massages and stretching), but also during the race there were students (physio-runners) who covered sections of the marathon solving any problems the participants may have been suffering during the race (cramp, sprains, muscle overload, etc.). EUSES also contributed students at the three refreshment areas set up by the organisation for carrying out the necessary physiotherapeutic activities.

The students who took part at the refreshment areas or the finish point were: Lauriane Gaube, Juliette Escudié, Pauline Gomez, Sami Abrouk, Marie Gombert, Lina Rahou, Frédérick Durand, Charlotte Koukoui, Alexandre Arnault, Carlota Codina, Marc Sendra, Adrien Tachoires, Yannick Bonnet, Pauline Monteleone, Blanca Bastit, Antoine Navarra-Escuer, Carla Baena Aledo, Victoire Panel, Noémie Cuperlier, Noémie Cuperlier, Mélina Scordia, Elina Strobl, Camille Coloma, Paul Nicolas, Lise Martin, Melissa Bashir,  Christopher Trone, Alejandro Revilla, Laura Alves, Daniel Matz, Juliane Corro, Estefanía García, Mathilde Bousquet, Romain Coll, Thalassa Vivancos, Axelle Crabé, Gauthier Sarda, Albane Robbe, Benjamin Dirrenberger, Estefania Pérez, Thomas Corraro, Valentin Fanjoux, Joris Lagrange, Léa Rouillard, Lola Dauer, Florian Ayral, Lídia de Asís and Mar Planella. and the physio-runners were Clément Boudot, Brogniet Cloé, Baptiste Simon, Pierre Marcon, Louis Dieudonne, Delphine Leila Vion, Angelo Gaudy, Yannis Coindet, Mélanie Morante and Oriol Colomer.

09 January 2020

Two 4th years create Neuroxtrain, a website specialised in sports science, performance and new technologies

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09 January 2020

Dos estudiants de 4t creen Neuroxtrain, una web especialitzada en ciències de l’esport, rendiment i noves tecnologies

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09 January 2020

Dos estudiantes de 4º crean Neuroxtrain, una web especializada en ciencias del deporte, rendimiento y nuevas tecnologías

Creado por Nathan Touati y recientemente acompañado por Antoine Frechaud, ambos estudiantes de 4º curso de Physiotherapy, Neuroxtrain es un sitio web...

22 December 2019

A group of professors and students from Coventry University visit the Salt and Bellvitge Campus of EUSES

Within the collaboration agreement signed between EUSES and Coventry University, a group made up of professors and students of Sports Science and Physiotherapy...

18 December 2019

Un grupo de profesores y de estudiantes de la universidad de Coventry visita los campus de Salt y de Bellvitge de EUSES

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