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Campus de Bellvitge

A group of professors and students from Coventry University visit the Salt and Bellvitge Campus of EUSES

22 December 2019

A group of professors and students from Coventry University visit the Salt and Bellvitge Campus of EUSES

Within the collaboration agreement signed between EUSES and Coventry University, a group made up of professors and students of Sports Science and Physiotherapy from the english university visited the installations of the Escola Universitària de la Salut i l’Esport this week. Tuesday they had an open day at the Salt Campus and wednesday at the Bellvitge Campus.
At EUSES-UdG (Salt), the group enjoyed a guided tour of the installations and had lunch at the university’s restaurant before taking part in several workshops, lectures and presentations from the professors of EUSES. The CU representatives attended a Biomechanics class (CAFE 2nd years) given by professor Ernest Esteve in which they took part in, along with EUSES students, in a movement analysis exercise. Following that they saw a brief 20min presentation by Dra. Anna Prats on various lines of research within EUSES, “Foetal Programmation of Skeletal Muscle Methylome” by Dra. Anna Prats, “Fatigue-Related Effects on Intra and Inter Muscle Connectivity. A Network Physiology Approach” by Dr. Sergi Garcia, and from Dr. Mariano Gacto “Development and Initial Psychometric Testing of a Mobility Activities Instrument”.
The following day the group travelled to Bellvitge Campus, where the International degree is read (UdG-UB). After the guided tour and lunch, the Coventry University comity attended a Biochemistry lecture read by professor Marta González.

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