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Santiago Crucci

Santiago Crucci

Professor of the Interuniversity Degree in Physiotherapy EUSES-UdG & ENTI-UB (Campus Bellvitge). Associate Professor Department of Nursing and Physiotherapy, University of Lleida (Lleida-Igualada).

Bachelor of Kinesiology and Physiatry (Faculty of Medicine, UBA, Argentina) 2000. Resident and Chief of Residents Kinesiology and Physiatry specialty. Hospital Gral de Agudos C.G. Durand (CABA Government) years 2001-2005. It was a full-time training program, in which he worked in different hospital areas from pediatric intensive care unit till sport rehabilitation, during this training he had academic activities also, research and lectures.  His area of expertise is Vestibluar rehabilitation, Balance, postural re-education and postural control. He is member of the Ibero-American Vestibular Rehabilitation Network, member of the International Committee for Standardization of Clinical Stabilometry (France), member of the PostureLab research group (France) and Argentine Association of Posturology. Estudios: Grado en Fisioterapia Internacional
Assignatures: ATM: Atención Temporo-Mandibular (3º), Reeducación postural y del movimiento (4º)
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