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Graham Sinclair

Graham Sinclair

Graham Sinclair teaches on both the Sport Science and Physiotherapy degrees at EUSES Salt and Girona. He coordinates the EUSES English as a Medium of Instruction programme.

He has a BA in Modern European History from the University of Warwick, an MA in Popular Culture from The Open University and a PhD in Cultural Studies from the University of Girona. He has the RSA Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults awarded by the University of Cambridge (Language Assessment).

He has worked as a language teacher and teacher trainer in various schools and universities in Scotland, France, Mexico, the Czech Republic and Brazil.

He participated in the EUSES ‘Body Matters’ project and was co-author of ‘. ‘Body Matters: una experienca didáctica en CAF yD‘ published in ‘Tándem: didáctica de la educación física’ no.67, 2020.

He published ‘The Clash Sell Out: Negotiating Space in the Ideological Superstructure’ in ‘The Clash Takes on the World: Transnational Perspectives on the Only Band that Matters’, (Bloomsbury Academic, 2017).

He was a co-author of A Pedagogical Approach to Integrative Neuromuscular Training to Improve Motor Competence in Children: A Randomized Controlled Trail published in the ‘Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research’ in November 2020.

He collaborates with the Centre for Olympic Studies at the University of Girona and recently presented the webinar ‘Sport – a reflection of society?’

He is a member of the University of Girona’s ‘English as a Medium of Education’ research network. Estudios: Grado en Fisioterapia Internacional
Assignatures: Inglés Científico (1º)
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