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Registration for Physiotherapy 2021-2022. 1st year

Welcome to EUSES Physiotherapy Barcelona!

Below we provide you with all the information necessary to formalize the registration for the first year of the Degree in Physiotherapy.

The student must bring the original documents duly signed the first day of class and the center will collect all the aforementioned documents in the classroom.

Campus Ciències de la Salut de Bellvitge UB
C/ de la Feixa llarga s/n (Edifici Aulari)
08907 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona)


Required documents:

On the document section below you will find the documents “ordre domiciliació” and “comunicació modificació dades bancàries



1. We attach settlement document:

A deposit or transfer of 3.450€ must be made on the day of registration. The account number is:

ES28 2100 0270 4302 0026 6283


The beneficiary is EUSES and you must state the name of the student and that it is the “enrollment in 1st year PHYSIOTHERAPY“.

The rest of the amount will be paid by direct debit on November 25, 2021. To make this second payment we would need you to bring us duly completed and stamped by your financial institution (instead of this stamp you can attach a receipt from the bank with the account number and the holder) the “Direct Debit Order” that we send you attached in the mail.

IN THE EVENT OF NEEDING OR WANTING TO PAY MONTHLY THE REGISTRATION AMOUNT, it is the student’s responsibility to contract the credit with the financial institution that best responds to their interests.

2. The UdG part is debited at the time of registration and can be divided into 2 or 3 receipts depending on the amount. Information on collection dates can be found at You must duly fill in the document “Comunicació/modificació dades bancàries” that we send attached in the mail and photocopy of the DNI of the account holder in the event that the student is not.

It is important for all students to subscribe to the UdG’s voluntary insurance (€ 9.50) during the registration process. It is compulsory in order to be able to do extracurricular internships.





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