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International Degree in Physiotherapy

The degree

The International Degree in Physiotherapy is taught jointly by the University School of Health and Sport (EUSES-UdG), a learning centre affiliated with the University of Girona and the School of New Interactive Technologies (ENTI-UB), affiliated with the University of Barcelona. The classes are held in the Bellvitge Health Campus, one of the benchmarks in clinical research in Catalonia.


The aim of the International Degree in Physiotherapy is to train professionals in the field of prevention and treatment of injuries and pathologies associated with movements, based on teaching methods that familiarise students with work activity and teamwork. EUSES underscores training adapted to the needs of today’s society through learning aimed at the assessment, diagnosis, design and development of physiotherapy treatments.

The classes are taught entirely in English, thus making them the only university studies of physiotherapy in Catalonia 100% in English. The combined efforts of the two schools enable the latest existing technologies to be integrated into the world of physiotherapy.

With comprehensive preparation in the digital future, this multidisciplinary training in International Degree in Physiotherapy follows the learning by doing methodology, through highly practical classes, acting upon the areas of geriatrics, rehabilitation, cardiorespiratory, paediatrics, neurology, traumatology and sports injuries.


The new technologies today have an increasing presence in all areas of health, as well as in physiotherapy. That is why the International Degree in Physiotherapy is a frontrunner and is very focused on the adaptation of technological tools to develop innovative treatments which also improve the effectiveness of the diagnoses and the patients’ therapeutic results.

The student will be able to design and develop interactive computer tools and applications for mobile devices to supplement his/her work as a physiotherapist, encompassing all areas of activity – evaluation, diagnosis and treatment.

The joint efforts of the School of New Interactive Technologies (ENTI-UB) and the University of the Videogame and of the Serious Games enable us to carry out collaborative projects to prepare students are prepared for the digital future.

Study plan

First year


Anatomy 1 R 6
Anatomy 2 BT 8
Assessment in Physiotherapy R 6
Biology BT 6
Biochemistry R 6
Physique BT 6
Physiology BT 10
Scientific English BT 6
Basics of Physiotherapy R 6

Nota Bene

BT = Basic Training | R = Required | OP = Optional

Second year

Third year

Fourth year


Sports Therapy EL 6
Virtual & Augmented Reality in Physiotherapy EL 6
Postural Reeducation EL 6
Apps in Physiotherapy EL 6
Clinical Practicum II CO 30
Final Project TFG 12

Nota Bene

BT = Basic Training | R = Required | OP = Optional

Employment opportunities

Fields in which graduates can practise professionally

Physiotherapists have a wide range of employment opportunities, as they are scientific and skill-based health professionals: the treatment of pathologies of medical and surgical specialties; the activities of disease prevention and promotion of health; as well as research, teaching and management in the field of physiotherapy. Graduates can also conduct their professional activities freely in the public or private sector.

The employment sectors are:
–       Mutual or accident insurance companies
–       General and specialist hospitals
–       Rehabilitation centres, primary care, socio-health, hydrothermal and sports centres
–       Special education schools
–       Geriatric homes
–       Research and teaching institutions
–       Creator of new resources and technological tools applied to the field of physiotherapy
–       Research and teaching institutions

What if I want to continue studying?

EUSES offers a wide range of postgraduate training resources with a highly practical profile, focused on the needs and demands of the job market.

Currently, the Master’s Degree in Clinical Reasoning in Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy enables the student to acquire advanced skills in clinical reasoning and in the use of new technologies in clinical and daily healthcare activities, aimed at all professionals with research and clinical interests.

DATA SHEET Name of the course | International Degree in Physiotherapy from EUSES-UdG and ENTI-UB
Branch of knowledge | Health Sciences
Duration | 4 years
ECTS | 240
Qualification obtained | International Degree in Physiotherapy of the University of Girona and the University of Barcelona
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"An excellent profesional and human experience. EUSES Barcelona has taught me, throughout a unique cosmopolite 4-year adventure, the job I love."
Maximilien Martocq
- Estudiante francés de 4.º de Grado
- Jugador semiprofesional de hockey patines en sección hockey del FC Barcelona
"After a career as an international triathlete, EUSES has given me the opportunity tono devote myself tono others by becoming a physiotherapist."
Alexandra Cassan Ferrier
- Estudiant de 3r Grau
- Ex-campiona del món de triatló (Xina, 2012) i medalla de plata en Campionat de França en 2014.
"Working on a Medical sector will also provide me with a lifelasting job, since there will always be injured people, and I wanna help them until the end of my career."
Guillaume Di Betta
- Estudiant de 2n de Grau
- Jugador semiprofesional de voleibol en secció voley del FC Barcelona
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